The objective of our company is cooperation and service of both commercial and individual clients since the moment of the occurrence of investment idea through cooperation with architects at the concept stage, through the period of its realization until putting a building into use. We provide assistance and consultancy. We also cooperate in the process of obtaining all permits and agreements essential for a given investment.

We have unlimited construction license to design within installation specialization in relation to thermal, ventilation, gas, water and sewage networks, systems, and equipment.

If it required under the regulations – we arrange documentation within fire protection, OHS, sanitary and epidemiological station with experts in each industry. We may prepare estimate documentation at the client’s request.

We offer full-range services within designing:

Internal sanitary systems

Water | Sewage | Domestic hot water | Central heating | Process heat | Ventilation and air-conditioning | Gas | Chilled water | Solar systems

External systems

Water | Sewage| Gas | Heat

Fire protection systems

Sprinkler and drencher | Hydrant

Process systems

Compressed air | Industrial gases

Boiler rooms and heat centres
Fire-fighting pump stations and water-pumping rooms

Design stages

From concept to working design:


At the beginning we meet, discuss details and scope of the project, next we prepare the estimate of design works. After presenting an offer, we conclude a contract for design works

Stage 0 – preparation of investment, source documents for designing

The following documents are necessary as a basis for the future design:
– cadastral map or map for design purposes
– technical conditions for fitting the utilities
– ground assessments
– chimney sweeper’s assessment, other – if required

1st stage - concept

This is the first design stage, in which the key solutions related to sanitary systems in the building are included. The design at the concept stage is based on presenting the design idea for the Investor. We implement the Investor’s remarks and suggestions. We discuss details.

2nd stage – building design

After the agreed and approved conceptual design by the Investor as well as after the agreed discipline-specific design we proceed to the 2nd stage, or to the preparation of building design documentation. This is the analysis essential for obtaining a building permit, ready to submit it for a building permit in Town/City Hall or in the County Office.

We need to emphasise here that a building design is the only stage, whose scope is defined by the Polish law – Minister of Infrastructure Regulation on the detailed scope and form of a building design of 3rd July 2003 (Journal of Laws No. 120, item 1133 as amended).

A building design contains a concise technical description with a general demand for the utilities and drawing schemes of particular sanitary systems – everything in 4 copies of documentation in a paper form and 1 copy in a digital form.
We need to remember that a building design DOES NOT CONTAIN bills of materials.

3rd stage – working design

A working design constitutes a supplement of a building design with details vital for the construction of the building on a building site. It also assists in the preparation of the building estimates.

A working design may comprise more detailed plans and cross sections, additional building details with the selection of manufacturers of particular components and bills of materials.

This project is the BASIS for estimates of works by contractors – everything in 4 copies of documentation in a paper form and 1 copy in a digital form. We may prepare additional paper copies for an additional cost.

The scope of a working design depends on the arrangements between the Designer and the Investor. It may be prepared after obtaining a building permit.

However, in case of such small investments as a detached house, it is very frequently agreed that instead of an additional working design, the preparation of construction-working documentation takes place (which constitutes an extended analysis of a building design) – to terminate the entire procedure in one stage.

4th stage – building works

In accordance with art. 37.1 Building Law Act „The decision about a building permit expires when the construction has not been initiated within 3 years since the day when this decision became final or the construction was ceased for the period longer than 3 years”.

The construction should then be initiated within 3 years since the validation of a building permit and be continued with breaks not longer than 3-year ones (otherwise obtaining a new building permit will be necessary).

The investor’s obligation is to ensure the performance and inspection of building works by appointing the building site manager. The scope of the basic obligations of the building site manager is defined by Building Act Law – the manager is responsible, among others, for the compliance of the performance with the design and best construction practices, building site safety, keeping a construction logbook.

The investor may also (although it is not obligatory in case of a detached house) appoint additional inspection function over the building site:

– design architect’s supervision: is based on the verification by the person representing a designer of building works are compliant with the design as well as on deciding if the implementation of solutions other than the ones from the design is possible if such ones are suggested by the building site manager or the investor’s inspector.

– the investor’s inspector: is a person representing the investor’s interests on the building site, they are responsible for caring about relevant quality of the works performed. The holding of the positions of the building site manager and the investor’s inspector is prohibited.